I enjoy working in teams and helping build communities revolving around the use of data. I have held important positions in student clubs and forums since undergraduate and have been instrumental in developing ideas with my teams to make data science more accessible to beginners.

I also have been fortunate enough to present some of my technical work in public spaces. Hope you find something interesting here!

Talks Presented

Building Great Projects with Deep Learning

This talk was presented as a guest lecture for the Deep Learning and Neural Networks elective at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. In the talk, I explored ways in which undergraduate students could structure their deep learning projects to learn concepts well and also build a magnificent product in the process.

:link: Slides

Winners Interview on the Chai Time Data Science Podcast

In this episode of the CTDS podcast, I was interviewed along with my fellow CTDS contest winner Ms. Vrinda Prabhu, by Sanyam Bhutani. We talk about a variety of topics like getting into kaggle, our competition submissions and our experience with the podcast.

:speaking_head: Interview

Leveraging Data for Social Good

In this talk, I provide a detailed explanation about how my team and I visited a rural settlement in Northern India and used data science to diagnose their issues with inconsistent water distribution and proposed a sustainable solution to improve their lives. The talk was organized by Meetup Madness and it was great fun to be a part of their family!

:speaking_head: Talk
:link: Slides

Introducing DataSwissKnife at DSC-OMG

In this talk, my team and I presented our project, DataSwissKnife(A tool to help with data science operations) on the online event DSC-OMG organized by the Developer Student Club Initiative. We represented DSC-ASEB and were amongst the 10 projects selected from all the projects done by DSCs across India! In the talk, we provide an overview of our tool, the need for it, the installation instructions and finally a demo to showcase its working.

:speaking_head: Talk
:link: Slides

Research Publications


Ramshankar Yadhunath, Srivenkata Srikanth, Arvind Sudheer, Jyotsna C and Amudha J. Detecting Surface Cracks on Buildings using Computer Vision: An Experimental Comparison of Digital Image Processing and Deep Learning, accepted at the 3rd International Conference on Soft Computing and Signal Processing (ICSCSP 2020), Hyderabad, India. [Presentation Slides→]


🏆 Ramshankar Yadhunath, Srivenkata Srikanth, Arvind Sudheer and Dr. Suja P. Identification of Criminal Activity Hotspots using Machine Learning to Aid in Effective Utilization of Police Patrolling in Cities with High Crime Rates, accepted at the 4th International Conference on Computation System and Information Technology for Sustainable Solutions (CSITSS 2019), Bengaluru, India. DOI. [Presentation Slides→]

Ramshankar Yadhunath, Nithika Suresh, Ch. Bhanu Vardhan, Venkataraman, Lalith Shubhankar, V. Vignesh, C.R. Kavitha and Renjith Mohan. The Impact of Water Distribution Inconsistency in the Rural Settlements of Punjab and to Extrapolate a Nature Based Sustainable Technology to Enhance Livelihood, accepted at 1st International Conference on Data Science, Machine Learning and Applications (ICDSMLA 2019), Hyderbad, India. DOI. [PDF→]

Work in Building the Data Science Community at LSE

:bar_chart: As Co-Head of Education at the LSE Data Science Society

  • Analyzing survey data to understand which workshops to conduct
    • Analyzed 60 responses to get familiar with what students at LSE expected of the society’s workshops
    • Used association rule mining to generate topic combinations that could be clubbed together in workshops
    • Key finds discussed included the importance of conducting workshops on Data Engineering, Model Deployment and Natural Language Processing at the school
    • The complete slide deck can be found here: Designing Workshops that will Be Loved
  • Planned, organized and launched the month-long DataDecember Initiative
    • Curated 20 articles on different data science concepts
    • Collaborated with a team of 10
  • Co-organized the Data Science Weekend event held virtually by the LSE Data Science Society and LSE Data Science Institute on 27-28 February 2021

Work in Building the Data Science Community at ASE-B

:computer: As Secretary of the CSE Departmental Forum at ASE-B (FACE)

  • Organized a data-driven wing within the forum that was responsible for collecting, managing and analysing data of active participants in the forum’s activities
    • Was able to improve average participant turnout per event from the previous year by 55%
    • Surveys and questionnaires helped understand what kind of events and topics interested the community more
    • Conceptualized a uniform way of data collection and transfer within the forum
    • Click to view the 2018-19 Report for FACE
  • Creating the Python Beginner’s Guide
    • A response to the high demand for a Python tutorial from the forum
    • Co-authored a Beginner’s Guide for Python with Rahul N Kamath, Co-sec of the Forum
    • The guide has been visited by at least 200 unique users at the college
    • Used as supplementary material for the Deep Learning and Neural Networks course at ASE-B
    • Click here for the Guide

:bar_chart: As Mentor of the Data Science SIG at ASE-B (ACM Student Chapter)

Articles Written on Medium

I do publish some of my writing on Medium. These articles can be found here.