Hello! My name is Ramshankar Yadhunath. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Applied Social Data Science degree with the London School of Economics and Political Science. I completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru (ASE-B), India in July 2020. During my undergraduate study, I have been on a merit scholarship at the University. My final year project report “Automating Data Science for Domain Experts” included a detailed study and implementation of different aspects that could be automated in the data science ecosystem, with a special focus on semi-automated data cleaning.

My interests are sharply inclined towards the use of data to help organizations make better decisions. I have been the team lead on the Live in Labs Program at ASE-B and worked on providing a rural settlement In Northern India better opportunities to upscale their living standards with a focus on the village’s water woes. The project involved conducting participatory rural appraisal, interviews, qualitative analysis and human-centered design to formulate a solution. This project was funded by the Live in Labs parent team at the University.

I have volunteered at the People for Animals Wildlife Hospital, Bengaluru, India to help the organization make better sense of its animal shelter data in order to save more animal lives.

In my free time, you can find me on Kaggle. I am a Kaggle Notebooks Expert and have won the Chai Time Data Science podcast contest on Kaggle. Blogging is another activity I enjoy and here, I focus on trying to justify unpopular opinions and unmasking overlooked ideas in socially-relevant themes with the use of data.