Hello World! This is my first post and I must admit, I am “rather excited” while writing this. Now, the excitement is not just because this is my first post, but a more prominent reason would be the fact that “I have finally been able to aggregate courage and determination to setup my own personal website after procrastinating for over 2 years”!.

Why this website? Why these posts? Who am I? Why even read what I write? I am sure these are questions your minds would have now, because everytime we see a new blogger, it becomes kind of important for us to establish if our interests even match with what the person believes in! So, let me cut to the chase and answer these questions for you.

Why this website?
Simple. I needed a one-stop place for me to gather and display the kind of work I do and advocate the causes I believe in. This website is also a means for me to connect with the much broader community of data enthusiasts. Also, I see the website as an effective tool to present my professional work to potential employers in the future.

Why these posts?
In my view, blog posts are ideal ways to get in touch with a community of like-minded individuals. Posts also help an author disseminate his ideas, share his views and benefit from the several discussions that readers undertake(though some might get really spirited). Therefore, I wish to use these posts as tools to write about all things data(and other miscellaneous topics that deeply interest me).

Who am I?
My name is Ramshankar and I am a final year CSE undergraduate at the point of time when I am writing this. An in-depth answer can be found on the About Me section of this website.

Why even read what I write?
Ahha! Very important question indeed. This is always the most pertinent query I have when I read any blog post, “Why should I believe in what this person writes?”. Well, in technical articles I don’t think this question would haunt us because, most technical articles are objective in nature. Thus, there is no scope for varied opinions. If my code works and my post helps you learn a new skill, I guess I would have done my job to a reasonable level. However in posts where I happen to place an opinion on an idea, I would like to ensure that “My opinions are clearly just one way of how I perceive a topic”. Each reader might perceive it in a different way, its just normal that we all think differently. So, in such cases it would be amazing if you could comment your ideas or reasons as to why you feel I am mistaken beneath the posts. In this way, we all could benefit from such light discussions(even heavier ones too) and at the end, gain multiple views on a topic rather than nurturing a parochial outlook.

Allright! I guess that’s a good enough ice-breaker post. In case you wish to know anything more, please let me know in the comments section and I will answer it for you to the best of my abilities.

Oh! And I almost forgot