This post is a part of a series “Watching My Blood Sugar Levels”. I intend to use short posts in this series to walk the readers through the initiative of using data to manage my Type I Diabetes condition. The content in this series is not expert opinion, it’s more of a documentation of my personal journey with this condition in the way how I understand it - Data.

Read the first post in this series here: Watching My Blood Sugar Levels - The Beginning (

In the last post, I had ended with a 10-step methodology. Well, it’s honestly not a methodology in its truest sense. It’s more or less like a hybrid between a methodology and a software development process framework. This ambiguity is so because this project “Watching My Blood Sugar Levels” itself is a combination of research + product development.

Research because I want to know about my blood sugar levels, product development because I want to build a system that would help me in my research.

Problem Framing

It does not help to have an unclear definition of a problem if you are seriously trying to solve it. In the case of the WMBSL project, I first need to clearly state the problem I am looking to solve. And this problem statement can’t be a long-winded mess of word, it has to be short, clear and include only those elements that are necessary to understand the problem.

A useful framework to help with problem framing is the Who, What, When/Where, Why.

  • Who: People facing the problem
  • What: Indicators of the problem
  • When/where: Scenarios in which this problem surfaces
  • Why: Reasons that lead to this problem

In this project, the problem framing method gives the following diagram

Bringing all this together, I frame my problem statement as

Newly-diagnosed diabetics(like me) have difficulty in understanding how certain meals affect their blood sugar levels and also find it hard to effectively track their progress in managing the condition because they lack a system that would help analyze the data collected.

In the next post, I will cover what requirements my system should meet and which of these requirements are necessary to create an MVP.